buys and sells quality Pre-Columbian and Native American Indian artifacts. We started collecting artifacts many years ago as a hobby. As our knowledge and love of this activity grew, we decided to buy and sell artifacts on the Internet. By using the internet to display and sell artifacts, we hope to acquire more friends interested in collecting and selling artifacts. Our circle of friends now extends to many countries around the world.

We are lucky to know some of the leading experts and collectors of Pre-Columbian and Native American artifacts. All of the artifacts that are for sale on have been authenticated by these experts.

Please remember, we do not do this for a living, this is our hobby. Like anyone involved with collecting artifacts knows, it is not an exact science. Although we try to be as correct as we can, we do make mistakes. If you buy something from us and are not satisfied, please return it according to the instructions outlined below. This is for fun and we look forward to meeting many new friends in our travels.

Ed & Jeff

Shipping and Return Policy

Any collector purchasing artifacts from has up to 8 days to return their purchase to us for a full refund. Any loss in value due to damage to a returned item will be deducted from the original sale price so it is a good idea to insure any package you ship.

There is a 5% surcharge on all shipments to cover the costs of shipping, shipping insurance, and handling. All shipments are fully insured to their purchase price.

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